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Transitional Age Youth at Parent Information Network




Here are some helpful resources as you navigate the system on behalf of your youth:



Advocacy Resource Center of Greater New Bedford

Family support and advocacy resource center, specializing in special education advocacy for children with developmental disabilities and disability awareness education training in public and private schools. Provides in-home visits, benefits advocacy, parent support groups, summer camper ships, and information and referral.

412 B County Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
Telephone: (508) 996-8551
FAX: (508) 996-8553
Email: arcgnbglor@aol.com Website: www.arcnbc.org


Federation for Children with Special Needs

Provides information, support, and assistance to parents of children with disabilities, their professional partners, and their communities through such services as telephone consultation, website, a quarterly newsletter, publications, conferences, and workshops.

1135 Tremont Street, Suite 420
Boston, MA 02120
Telephone: (800) 331-0688
FAX: (617) 572-2094
Email: fcsninfo@fcsn.org
Website: www.fcsn.org

Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change

Provides sustained advocacy and leadership training. Provides community support and service options for people with disabilities and their families

PO Box 61
Raynham, MA 02768
Telephone: (508) 824-6946
Toll Free: (800) 406-3632                                                     FAX: (508) 824-6946
Email: mfofc@comcast.net
Website: www.mfofc.org

The Nemasket Group, Inc.
56 Bridge Street
Fairhaven, MA 02719
Telephone: (508) 999-4436
FAX: (508) 997-9239
Website: www.nemasketgroup.org


Parent/Professional Advocacy League

PAL is the Statewide Organization of the Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health.  PAL is an organization of more that 4,000 Massachusetts families and professionals who advocate on behalf of children with emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs and their families.  PAL advocates for supports, treatments, and policies. 

45 Bromfield St. 10th Floor
Boston, MA  02108
Telephone: (866) 815-8122
FAX: (617) 542-7832
Email:  info@ppal.net
Website:  www.ppal.net


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  •  Career Centers provide core employment services to all US residents.

  • Career Centers ensure equal access to services for all residents, including persons with disabilities with assistance from community Disabilities Agencies.

  • Services available at Career Centers are:
    Core services – Available to all residents. Services are self directed and include: assessments, career counseling, job readiness groups, computer instruction, and access to job listings and job banks.
    Intensive Services and Training Services - Eligibility required. Services include: individualized employment counseling, vocational testing, job readiness training, job development assistance, and funds for education such as literacy/GED and vocational training.

  • Career Centers may be jointly located with other state agencies, or have representatives from other community resources, such as DMH, DTA, or MRC, stationed at the Career Center.

  • Visit www.mass.gov/careercenters


Career Center Disability Program Navigator
(Advocate for Individuals with Disabilities)

  • Serves as a resource within the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) service area to develop linkages and collaborate on an ongoing basis to facilitate employment services and job placement for persons with disabilities.

  • Coordinates resources between the Career Center and the Disability Agencies such as: the independent living centers, public and private mental health organizations, school to work programs, transitioning youth programs, MRC, etc.

  • Coordinates Disabilities Awareness training for Career Center Staff.

  • Coordinates trainings for disabilities agency staff on Career Center Services, accommodations for persons with disabilities, and the role of the Navigator position.

  • Develops employment opportunities for persons with significant barriers to employment and work with the staff at the Career Centers.

  • Provides Benefits Counseling for persons with disabilities

  • Assists with the coordination of services when a disabilities agency and the career center work together to provide employment services for an individual.


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The following guidelines can be found on the Department of Mental Health Website:

Bipolar Disorder Guidelines for the Treatment of Adults  (PDF)

Schizophrenia Guidelines for the Treatment of Adults

Bipolar Disorder Clinical Guidelines for Families and Consumers 

Schizophrenia Guidelines for Families and Consumers (PDF)

*  Click on www.mass.gov/dmh
*  Go to "Publications and Reports" on the home page (far right column about half way down)
*  Click on "Clinical Guidelines and Medication Information Manuals"

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Community Gateway

Provides families and professionals in Massachusetts with an Internet gateway to quality local and worldwide disability resources and events. Also includes a statewide email support group.

P.O. Box 150
Grafton, MA 01519
FAX: (508) 887-8812
Email: info@communitygateway.org
Website: www.communitygateway.org


Parents Helping Parents

Offers confidential free weekly support groups to parents.

108 Water Street
Watertown, MA 02472
Telephone: (617) 926-5008
Parental Stress Line:          (800) 632-8188                    FAX: (617) 926-5011
Email: info@parentshelpingparents.org
Website: www.parentshelpingparents.org

Taunton Department Of Human Services

Provides database of appropriate local services.

30 Olney Street
Taunton, MA 02780
Telephone: (508) 821-1420
FAX: (508) 821-1444                                                       Website: www.taunton-ma.gov

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Latino Health Institute

Serve families and individuals through education, technical assistance, fiscal sponsorship, program oversight, and consulting.

142 Crescent Street, 2nd Flr
Brockton, MA 02422
Telephone: (508) 941-0005
FAX: (508) 427-6915
Email: brockton@lhi.org
Website: www.lhi.org


Yesodot of Greater Boston

Jewish community foundation for families challenged by disability. Provides parent and sibling support, parent education workshops, transition support and resources, and family social and recreational events. Part of Jewish Family & Children's Services.

1430 Main Street
Waltham, MA 02451
Telephone: (781) 647-5327
Website: www.jfcsboston.org

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Educational Advocates of Southeast Massachusetts

Empowering parents of children in need of special education services by providing the tools and knowledge needed to effectively advocate for their children.

30 Margerie Street
Plymouth, MA. 02360
Telephone: (508) 747-1136
Email: advocplus@aol.com



Families and Advocates Partnership for Education

A project that aims to inform and educate families and advocates about the Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1997 and promising practices.

PACER Center, Inc.
8161 Normandale Boulevard
Bloomington, MN 55437
Telephone: (888)-248-0822 TTY: (952) 838-0190
FAX: (952) 838-0199
Email: fape@fape.org
Website: www.fape.org


Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools (MAAPS)

An association of Chapter 766-approved private schools.

591 North Avenue
4 Lakeside Office Park
Wakefield MA 01880
Telephone: (781) 245-1220
FAX: (781) 245-5294
Email: info@maaps.org
Website: www.maaps.org
Website:  www.spedschools.com


NAMI Mass is a state resource for individuals and families facing the challenges of mental illness, providing free mental health family-based education, family and peer support, and grass roots advocacy.

Website: www.namimass.org



Massachusetts Association of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (MASS PAC)

Statewide network of special education Parent Advisory Councils (PACs). Support and coordinate efforts to keep families informed and updated regarding special education laws and policies and the development of special education.

1135 Tremont St, Suite 420
Boston, MA 02120
Telephone: (617) 236-7210 Toll Free: (800) 331-0688 FAX: (617) 572-2094
Website: www.masspac.org



Institute for Community Inclusion

Supports the rights of children and adults with disabilities to participate in all aspects of the community with strong programming in transition to adulthood. Offers training and technical assistance, develops innovative educational employment, as well as recreation and living options.

UMASS Boston, Institute for Community Inclusion/UCEDD
100 Morrisey Boulevard
Boston, MA 02125
Telephone: (617) 287-4300  TTY: (617) 287-4350
Fax: (617) 287-4352
Email: ici@umb.edu
Website: www.communityinclusion.org


Local colleges with support for students with disabilities:

Cape Cod Community College O’Neill Center for Disability Services

The O’Neill Center for Disability Services provides support services to qualified students with disabilities, both in and out of the classroom. The staff works with students that have a wide range of disabilities from the obvious to the hidden.


Massasoit Community College LATCH program

LATCH is an academic support program. Although LATCH supports a variety of students, the most common is the first semester student looking for general help adjusting to college and assistance with reading, writing, or math skills specifically. 


Bristol Community College

The Office of Disability Services at Bristol Community College provides a full range of advocacy services to a diverse population of students with disabilities. Disability Services provides support services that enable students with disabilities to fully participate in the life of the academic community.


Curry College PAL program

The PAL program works with students who have a history of academic difficulty.   The focus in PAL is on helping students to discover their own best strategies for academic success based on an understanding of their strengths.


Landmark College

Landmark College has created a unique learning environment that actively promotes individual success among students who learn differently.  For students with AD/HD, dyslexia and learning disabilities, the mainstream educational system often is unable to meet their needs.  They help students learn in new ways, enabling them to become independent, self-directed learners and self-advocates.  They are the recognized leader in serving the unique needs of students with attention deficit disorders through their curriculum, assistive technology and executive function coaching.


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Work, Inc.

25 Beach St
Dorcester, MA 02122
Telephone: (617) 691-1500
Website: www.workinc.org



My Turn, Inc.

Youth development agency that works with in-school and out-of-school youth ages 14-21.  Services include career exploration, employment training, and post-secondary planning.  Area locations:   Brockton, Fall River, New Bedford, Plymouth, and Wareham.  Details of each program are on the Website under "Locations".

Main Office:
156 Main St.
Brockton, MA  02301
(508) 580-2659
Website:  www.my-turn.org

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)

MRC promotes dignity for individuals with disabilities through employment and independent living in the community.  Local area offices include Brockton, Cape & Islands, Fall River, New Bedford, Plymouth, and Taunton.

Administrative Offices:
27 Wormwood St                                                                        Boston, MA 02210-1616                                                      Telephone: (617) 204-3600
FAX: 617-727-1354
Website:  www.mass.gov/mrc
Email: commissioner@mrc.state.ma.us

Statewide Employment Services:
Telephone: (800) 245-6543

MRC Ombudsperson:                                                    Telephone: (617) 204-3603                                                 

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SSI and Public Benefits Information

Provide training to professionals and parent groups on public benefit programs. Training provided by request.

250 Washington Street, 5th Flr
Boston, MA 02108
Telephone: (617) 624-5961
FAX: (617) 624-5990
Website: www.ssa.gov/kids


Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA)

Provides financial assistance and services to people in need. Some available programs include; TAFDC, food stamps, and emergency assistance.

Central Office:                    600 Washington Street
Boston MA 02111
Telephone: (617) 348-8500
FAX: (617) 348-5479   Website: www.mass.gov/dta

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Children’s Hospital: Center for Families

Provides families with information and referral resources to find the supports they need to understand their child’s medical condition.

300 Longwood Ave, Farley111
Boston, MA 02115
Telephone: (617) 355-6279
FAX: (617) 730-1949
Email: ctrfam@childrens.hrvard.edu
Website: www.childrenshospital.org



Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Delivery of emergency medical services and provides information, education, and technical support to public and medical providers about emergency medical services available in their community.  Also provides information and advocacy for individuals who need help getting particular emergency medical services.

339 Centre Street, Suite 36
Middleboro, MA 02346
Telephone: (508) 946-3960
FAX: (508) 946-3961
Email: ems@semaems.com
Website: www.semaems.com

Health Care for All

Provides information, referral, personal and legal advocacy regarding health care and health insurance in Massachusetts. Provides opportunities for individuals to become involved and empowered through community organizing.

30 Winter Street, 10th floor
Boston, MA 02108-4720
Telephone: (617) 350-7279  TTY (617) 350-0974
Fax: (617) 451-5838
Website: www.hcfama.org

HealthWell Foundation

A non-profit organization committed to addressing the needs of individuals with insurance who cannot afford their copayments, coinsurance, and premiums for important medical treatments.

Website: healthwellfoundation.org

Tufts Dental Facility

The Tufts Dental Facility (TDF) serving individuals with developmental and acquired disabilities. The seven chair dental clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The TDF program accepts all qualified individuals regardless of their dental insurance situation, and is also a Mass Health provider.


Tufts Dental Facility - Massachusetts Hospital School

3 Randolph Street

Canton, MA 02021

Telephone: 781-562-0349

FAX: 781-562-1058

Website: http://dental.tufts.edu/

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Disability.gov Housing Information

This website will allow you to search for both state and national resources including low rent apartments, local housing authorities, information about vouchers and finding homeless shelters.  





Massachusetts Access: The Accessible Housing Registry

Database program to help individuals with disabilities find rental housing in Massachusetts, primarily accessible and barrier free housing.

18 Tremont Street, Suite 401
Boston MA 02108
Telephone: (617) 742-0820  FAX: (617) 742-3953
Email: massaccess@chapa.org
Website: http://www.massaccesshousingregistry.org/


The Fair Housing Act

For those considering buying a home of their own, there is information to consider regarding rights for those with disabilities. The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination for a person with disabilities to get housing. This link gives you a step-by-step guide to buying a home and detailed information on the Fair Housing Act:



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Cape Organization for Rights of the Disabled (CORD)

Center operated by persons with disabilities, with the purpose of empowering people with disabilities to advocate and take control of their lives. Provide advocacy services, information and referral, peer counseling, and independent living skills training. May also provide housing assistance.

106 Bassett Lane
Hyannis, MA 02601
Telephone: (508) 775-8300 Toll Free: (800) 541-0282
FAX: (508) 775-7022
Email: cordinfo@cilcapecod.org
Website: www.cilcapecod.org


Southeast Center for Independent Living Fall River

Center operated by persons with disabilities, with the purpose of empowering people with disabilities to advocate and take control of their lives. Provide advocacy services, information and referral, peer counseling, and independent living skills training. May also provide housing assistance.

Merrill Building                         66 Troy Street, Suite 3
Fall River, MA 02720
Telephone: (508) 679-9210
FAX: (508) 677-2377
Email: scil@secil.org
Website: www.secil.org


Center for Independent Living

Center operated by persons with disabilities, with the purpose of empowering people with disabilities to advocate and take control of their lives. Provide advocacy services, information and referral, peer counseling, and independent living skills training. May also provide housing assistance.

141 Main Street, 1st Floor
Brockton, MA 02301
Telephone: (508) 583-2166  Toll Free: (800) 649-5568
FAX: (508) 583-2165
Website: www.iacil.org

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Cape and The Islands United Way

Information specialist housed in offices throughout the state are linked to their own comprehensive database and are available to assist and direct families to appropriate local services.

749 Main Street
Hyannis, MA 02601
Telephone: (508) 775-4746
FAX: (508) 778-9228
Email: info@uwcapecod.org
Website: www.uwcapecod.org


Family Connections

Information and referral, advocacy, workshops, and support groups. Closed referral system. A service of The Nemasket Group.

56 Bridge Street
Fairhaven, MA 02719
Telephone: (508) 999-0077
FAX: (508) 997-9239
Email: sandykinneyfc@aol.com
Website: www.nemasketgroup.org

Family Village

A global Internet community that integrates information, resources, and communication opportunities for persons with disabilities, their families, and those that provides services and supports.

The Family Village                                                         University of Wisconsin at Madison, Waisman Center
1500 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705
Telephone: (608) 263-5776
FAX: (608) 263-0529
Email: familyvillage@waisman.wisc.edu
Website: www.familyvillage.wisc.edu/

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Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts

Provides free legal service for low-income children in areas affecting health, education, and civil rights.

298 Union Street, PO Box 710
Lynn, MA 01903
Telephone (781) 581-1977
FAX: (781) 598-9364
Website: www.clcm.org


Disability Law Center, Inc.

Provides free legal assistance and training to disabled people throughout the state in areas including special education services, accessibility, and discrimination. Fees for trainings and publications based on ability to pay.

11 Beacon Street, Suite 925
Boston, MA 02108
Telephone: (800) 872-9992  TTY: (800) 381-0577
FAX: (617) 723-9125
Email: mail@dlc-ma.org
Website: www.dlc-ma.org

Legal Services for Cape, Plymouth and Islands

Free legal assistance to low-income families regarding SSI, social security, unemployment benefits, housing issues, and family law.

460 West Main Street
Hyannis, MA 02601
Telephone: (508) 775-7020
Fax: (508) 790-3955
Website: www.lawyers.justia.com/firm/legal.services-for-Cape-Cod-and-Islands-Inc-2330/

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The following manuals are on the Department of Mental Health Website:

2010 Medical Information Manual for Consumers and Families

Psychoactive Medication for Children and Adolescents 

Psychoactive Medication for Children and Adolescents (Spanish)

*  Click on www.mass.gov/dmh
*  Go to "Publications and Reports" on the home page (far right column about half way down)
*  Click on "Clinical Guidelines and Medication Information Manuals"

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Stepping Stone Community Theater, Inc.

Inclusive theater company that explores theater arts for teens and adults.

PO Box 4216
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Telephone: (508) 753-2588
Website: www.communitygateway.org/steppingstone


Precious Feet Dance Studio

Dance creative movement studio specializing in children with autism and related disorders.

302 Stafford Road
Fall River, MA 02724
Telephone: (508) 646-0011
Email: preciousfeet2004@aol.com

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Recovery Learning Community

Website: www.lenavision.com/southeastrlc/index.html




Brockton Area Multi Services Inc. (BAMSI), DMH Vendor

10 Christy's Drive

Brockton , MA 02301

(508) 580-8700

Day Treatment Program, WIC, Outpatient Services

Website: www.bamsi.org

Brockton Department of Mental Health

165 Quincy Street

Brockton , MA 02302

(508) 897-2000

Day Treatment, Clubhouse, Supported Employment and Education, Adult Day Rehabilitation, Community Rehabilitation Support, Case Management, Emergency Services, Individual/Group Therapy, Medication Services, Wellness Clinic, Children’s Services, Housing Services, Consumer/Family Education.

Website: www.mass.gov/dmh


McLean Southeast
940 Belmont Street
Brockton , MA 02301
(508) 894-8300
24-hour admissions, adult and adolescent treatment, individual, group, and family therapy.

Website: www.mclean.harvard.edu


Independence Associates
141 Main Street , 1st Floor
Brockton , MA 02301
(508) 583-2184
Assists persons with disabilities live independently.

Website: www.iacil.org

Career Works
34 School Street
Brockton , MA 02302

(508) 513-3400

Job listings/recruitment, resume assistance, computer lab, computer training, career information, vocational training, job readiness training, unemployment insurance information.

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
55 City Hall Plaza
Brockton , MA 02301
(508) 583-1530

Job Readiness Counseling, Career Planning, Tuition Assistance, Vocational Testing.

605 Neponset Street
Canton , MA 02021

(781) 821-1386

Vocational assessment and readiness services, placement and follow-up.

New Beginnings Clubhouse - Department of Mental Health
780 Crescent Street
Brockton , MA 02302
(508) 586-1425
Supported Employment and Education, vocational training, meals/snack bar, recreation, advocacy, psychosocial skills training.

Old Colony Elder Services
144 Main Street
Brockton , MA 02301

(508) 584-1561
Senior Aid Employment Program

Social Security Administration
30 Christy's Drive
Brockton , MA 02301
(800) 717-1524
SSA Benefits coordination and information.

Website: www.ssa.gov

Veterans Administration Medical Center - Reach Program
940 Belmont Street
Brockton , MA 02301

(508) 583-4500 x 1658 / Toll Free: (800) 865-3384
Vocational assessment, job training/placement, psychiatric/substance abuse/ medical services, after care and follow-up support.

Work, Inc.
25 Beach Street
Dorchester , MA 02122

(617) 691-1711
Vocational services for Brockton residents through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.

Website: www.workinc.org



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Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission / Career Center

77 High School Road
Hyannis , MA 02601

(508) 862-6600
Vocational Rehabilitation Services for persons with disabilities, tuition assistance, career planning, vocational assessment testing.

Website: www.mass.gov/mrc

Department of Employment and Training (DET)
Provincetown Town Hall
260 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA 02657
(508) 487-7000
Job Placement and development assistance, job listings, and unemployment benefits

Social Security Administration - Technology Park
48 Research Road
E. Falmouth, MA 02536
(800) 772-1213
(508) 548-8150

181 Walton Street
Hyannis, MA 02601
(800) 772-1213
(508) 775-7501

Fairwinds Clubhouse

155 Katharine Lee Bates Road
Falmouth , MA 02540

(508) 457-7539
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program, Recreation, Supported Employment, Social Skills Development.

Website: http://sites.google.com/site/fairwinds/club/

Baybridge Clubhouse
278 Main Street
Hyannis , MA 02601

Telephone (508) 778-4234
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program, Recreation, Supported Employment.

Website: http://baybridgeclubhouse.com

Daybreak Clubhouse

11 Edgartown Road
Vineyard Haven , MA 02568
(508) 693-7900
Psychosocial clubhouse with a social club component.          

Website: www.mvcommunityservices.com

Gardening for Food Program
69 Clay Pond Road
Buzzards Bay , MA 02532

(508) 759-3707

Cove Club Psychosocial Clubhouse
383 Rt. 28
Harwichport , MA , 02646

(508) 432-7774
Website: www.mayinstitute.org

Mid-Cape Day Program
4 Bacon Terrace
Hyannis , MA 02601

(508) 790-3340
Psychosocial skills training groups

Fairgrounds Day Rehabilitation Program
42 Fairgrounds Road
PO Box 3212

Nantucket , MA 02584

(508) 325-5771

Cape and Islands Work Adjustment Program
830 County Road
Pocasset , MA 02539-2198

(508) 564-9661 / Toll Free: (800) 387-0222
Provides vocational training, job development, placement assistance.

Nantucket Counseling Center
20 Vesper Lane
PO Box 3212

Nantucket , MA 02554

(508) 228-2689
Day Program, Vocational Assistance

Cape and Islands Community Mental Health Center
259 North Street
Hyannis , MA 02601

(508) 387-0222 / Toll Free: (800) 957-0900
Provides comprehensive mental health, Community Rehabilitation Support and MICA services for adults, children, and families.

Rehabilitation Hospital of the Cape and Islands
311 Service Rd
Sandwich , MA 02537

(508) 833-4000

Provides inpatient and outpatient evaluation and training for individuals experiencing functional limitations due to injury and physical illness.

Website: www.rhci.org

Pocasset Inpatient Unit (Department of Mental Health)
830 County Road
Pocasset, MA 02559
(508) 564-9600 / Toll Free: (800) 352-7742

Day Hospital of the Cape and Islands (Department of Mental Health)
Pocasset Community Mental Health Center
830 County Road
Pocasset, MA 02559
(508) 564-9640 / Toll Free: (800) 352-7742

Cape Abilities
895 Mary Dunn Road
Hyannis MA 02601
(508) 778-5040
Vocational assessment, placement and job coaching services.

Website: www.capeabilities.org

Cape Cod Community College
Project Forward - O'Neill Center
2240 Iyannough Road
Barnstable , MA 02668-1599

(508) 362-2131 / Toll Free: (877) 846-3672
Accommodation and Education/Training.

Website: www.capecod.edu



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Bristol Community College
Office of Disability Services
777 Elsbree Street
Fall River, MA 02720
(508) 678-2811
Offers a full range of advocacy services to students with physical, psychological and learning disabilities by providing support and resources within the college to ensure that these students are given the opportunity to competitively pursue a college education.

Website: www.bristolcc.edu

Career Center
446 North Main Street
Fall River, MA 02720
(508) 730-5000
Job listings/recruitment, resume assistance, computer lab, computer training, career information, vocational training, job readiness training, and unemployment insurance information.

Website: www.bristolwib.org

Dr. John C. Corrigan Mental Health Center
49 Hillside Street
Fall River, MA 02720
(508) 235-7200
Provides a comprehensive range of mental health services for children, adults, and families, in a variety of treatment settings, with an emphasis on care and treatment of persons with severe and persistent mental illness. Mental health services include: inpatient services, crisis intervention services, day hospital, case management services, care coordination, medication clinic, residential, outpatient, and community rehabilitation support.

Website: members.cox.net/drweed

Family Service Association of Greater Fall River, Inc.
101 Rock Street
Fall River, MA 02720
(508) 678-7542
Provides outpatient mental health services, substance abuse counseling, an Employee Assistance Program, Adult Family Care, Guardianship and Representative Payee Services, Adult Day Health Programs, Social Day Care, School Based Programs, and Child Care Programs.

Website: www.frfsa.org

Fellowship Health and Resources – Continuous/Mobile Treatment
45 North Main Street
Fall River , MA 02720

(508) 677-0404
Provides therapeutic counseling, support and advocacy to sixty-six adults with chronic mental illness living alone in the community.

Website: www.fellowshiphr.org

Fellowship Health and Resources –Fall River Network Group Homes
Provides residential programs to psychiatrically disabled adults at three locations in Fall River , including an eight bed geriatric program at Harbor Hill, a six bed staffed group home at President Avenue , and a thirteen bed transitional living apartment program at Plymouth Avenue

Website: www.fellowshiphr.org

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

170 Pleasant Street, # 300
Fall River , MA 02721

(508) 678-9041
Provides vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities, including Job Readiness Counseling, Career Planning, Tuition Assistance, and Vocational Testing with the goal of employment.

Website: www.mass.gov

SER - Jobs for Progress
164 Bedford Street
Fall River , MA 02720

(508) 676-1916
Provides job preparation to individuals entering or re-entering the labor market. Specializes in providing services to bi-lingual or non-English speaking individuals. Also provides educational training.

Website: ser-jobs.com

Stanley Street Treatment and Resources, Inc.
386 Stanley Street
Fall River , MA 02720

(508) 679-5222
Provides inpatient detoxification, Dual Diagnosis Acute Residential Treatment, Section 35, outpatient mental health clinic, Women’s Center, Driver Alcohol Education, Structured Outpatient Addiction Program, Community Support Program, Youth Program, Batterer’s Intervention Program, Project Aware, and the Family Healthcare Center .

Website: www.sstar.org

Social Security Administration
400 North Main Street
Fall River , MA 02720-2406

(508) 674-2453
Provides assistance with SSA benefits and coordination.

Website: www.ssa.gov

Southeast Center for Independent Living
Merrill Building - 66 Troy Street, #3
Fall River, MA 02720
(508) 679-9210
Provides information and referrals, advocacy, peer counseling and skills training for individuals with physical and psychiatric disabilities.

Website: www.secil.org

Towne House Club House (May Institute)
51 Purchase Street
Fall River, MA 02720
(508) 674-5716
A psychosocial rehabilitation program which serves the needs of those with long term psychiatric disabilities. The Club House provides assistance to members through the enhancement of personalized supports, vocational training, job development and placement, living and social skill development.

Website: www.mayinstitute.org


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New Directions Training Center
1213 Purchase Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
(508) 979-1616
Includes DET, MRC, Job Corps, Coastline Elderly Services, New Bedford Housing Authority, Bristol Community College Office, and the Corporation for Business, Work, and Learning. Website: www.newdirectionssouthcoast.org

West Central Community Center
75 Spruce Street
New Bedford, MA, 02740
(508) 997-1189
Provides GED, Senior Health Counseling, Buddy Reading Group/Tutoring, Budgeting skills, and consumer management.

Heritage House
9 South Sixth Street
New Bedford , MA 02745

(508) 984-4300
Psychosocial rehabilitation program serving the long term psychiatric disabled. Providing assistance through the enhancement of personalized supports, vocational training, job development and placement, living and social skill development.

Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)
106 Spring Street
New Bedford , MA 02740
(508) 996-3147
Provides education, career, and education counseling for adults. Assistance with the completion of college applications and financial aid forms, etc.

Greater New Bedford Center, Inc.
195 Rodney French Blvd.
New Bedford , MA 02744 , (508) 992-5348
Provides vocational training in woodworking, cooking, sewing, homemaking, food preparation, telephone training and the essentials of daily living.

Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic
175 Elm Street
New Bedford , MA 02740
(508) 994-0214
General information for all programs and benefits.

Website: www.providence.va.gov

Southeastern Regional Transit Authority
700 Pleasant Street
New Bedford , MA 02740

(508) 997-6767 / Bus Information: (508) 999-5211
Provides special transportation for certified individuals unable to use conventional transportation, per order of physician.

Website: www.srtabus.com

Department of Mental Health
800 Purchase Street
New Bedford , MA 02740


Stanley Street Treatment & Resources - Detoxification Unit
386 Stanley Street
Fall River , MA 02720

(508) 679-5222
Provides medical detoxification, individual and group counseling, family consultation, and discharge planning.

Website: www.sstar.org

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
888 Purchase Street # 401
New Bedford , MA 02740

(508) 993-6255
Provides vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities with the goal of employment.

Website: www.mass.gov

New Bedford Area Center for Human Services
850 Pleasant Street
New Bedford , MA 02740

(508) 992-0367
Provides adult mental health clinic services.

St. Luke’s Hospital
101 Page Street
PO Box H 3003
New Bedford , MA 02740
(508) 997-1515
Provides psychiatric inpatient services, occupational therapy offered.

Website: www.southcoast.org/stlukes



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Social Security Administration
198 Columbia Road
Hanover, MA 02339
(617) 826-9506                                                                 

Plymouth Bay Clubhouse
340 Court Street
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 747-1115
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Clubhouse Program, offering supported employment, work units, social club, vocational groups, wellness, and educational supports.

Website: www.plymouthbayhouse.org

DMH Site Office
40 Industrial Park Road
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 732-3014
Provides Case Management, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Planning and Outpatient Clinical and medication services to children and adults.

Supported Education – Vinfen
22 Samoset Street
Plymouth , MA 02360

(508) 746-4601
Provides support and assistance to DMH clients in continuing and/or furthering their education, including financial aid, tuition assistance, educational planning and on-site individual support.

Website: www.vinfen.org

Career Center & Department of Employment and Training
36 Cordage Park Circle, Suite 200
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 732-5300
Provides comprehensive employment services and referral to training programs, job development and placement assistance and job listings.

Website: www.plymouthcareercenter.org

South Bay Mental Health Center - Day Treatment & Partial Hospitalization Program
50 Aldrin Road
Plymouth , MA 02360

(508) 830-0000
DAT treatment program provides psychosocial skills development groups and wellness education.

Website: www.southbaymentalhealth.com

NAMI, Plymouth Chapter, Alliance for the Mentally Ill (PAMI)
PO Box 1398
Marshfield , MA 02050

(781) 829-7215

Website: www.nami.org

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
40 Industrial Park Road, #206
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 747-5922
Vocational rehabilitation assistance, tuition assistance, career planning, vocational assessment testing.

Website: www.mass.gov

Pembroke Hospital
199 Oak Street
Pembroke, MA 02359
(781) 829-7000
24-Hour admissions, adult and adolescent treatment, outpatient services, senior programs, licensed to accept involuntary admissions.

Website: www.arbourhealth.com/pembroke


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Taunton State Hospital
60 Hodges Ave
Taunton, MA 02780
(508) 977-3000
Comprehensive rehabilitation services for the inpatient population at the hospital including: Occupational therapy, Recreational services, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Pastoral care. Also included in the scope of care is the newly developed Treatment, Education, and Rehabilitation Network (TERN). The TERN program offers a multidisciplinary group treatment/resource area in a psychosocial rehabilitation model.

Attleboro Area Center for Training
95 Pine Street
Attleboro, MA 02703
(508) 222-0096
Offering comprehensive employment agency, referral to training, temporary and full time placements.

Community Care Services Inc
70 Main Street
Taunton , MA 02780

(508) 821-7777
Provides outpatient counseling. Also offers shelter for homeless families and respite care.

Website: www.communitycareservices.org

Attleboro Enterprises
284 John Dietsch Blvd
North Attleboro , MA 02763

(508) 695-4046
Provides transitional employment program, vocational training, counseling, supervision, and support services.

Website: www.attleboroenterprises.org

Corner Clubhouse
247 Maple Street
Attleboro, MA 02703
(508) 431-4100
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Clubhouse Program, offering support employment, work units, social club, vocational groups, educational supports, and "Dirt Busters" Business.

Website: www.mayinstitute.org

Department of Employment and Training
67 Mechanic Street
Attleboro , MA 02703

(508) 222-1950
Provides comprehensive employment services and referral to training programs.

Website: www.mass.gov

Arbour-Fuller Memorial Hospital
200 May Street
South Attleboro, MA 02703
(508) 761-8500
24-Hour admissions, adult and adolescent treatment, addiction treatment, outpatient services, senior programs, licensed to accept involuntary admissions.

Website: www.arbourhealth.com

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
21 Spring Street, #8
Taunton , MA 02780
(508) 823-8141
Provides vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities with the goal of employment.

Website: www.mass.gov

Taunton Career Center
72 School Street
Taunton , MA 02780
(508) 977-1400
Provides vocational training, testing, job development to assist clients obtain employment.

Website: www.bristolwib.org

Community Partnerships
102 Dean Street
Taunton , MA 02780

(508) 823-9416

P.R.I.D.E. Inc.
3 Maple Street
Taunton , MA 02780

(508) 823-7134                                                                         

Website: www.pride-inc.org

Comcare Counseling Service
70 Main Street, #4
Taunton, MA 02780
(508) 822-2485

Massachusetts Department of Employment and Training
72 School Street
Taunton, MA 02780
(508) 977-1400
Provides employment and training services.

Website: www.mass.gov

Social Security Administration
102 Dean Street
Taunton , MA 02780

(877) 505-4546

Website: www.ssa.gov

Pathways Day Treatment
19 Cedar Street
Taunton , MA 02780

(508) 823-6124
Day treatment services for individuals with acute and chronic mental illness. Also provides dual diagnosis services for aforementioned services.

Website: www.comcounseling.org

Community Connections Day Rehabilitation Program
59 Broadway
Taunton , MA 02780
(508) 823-8772
Day Rehabilitation program provides skill development training, education, and prevocational training to individuals with mental illness.

Website: www.comcounseling.org

Social Security Administration
106 Pleasant Street
Attleboro , MA 02703

(508) 226-2710

Website: www.ssa.gov

Community Counseling of Bristol County (Community Rehabilitation Support Services)
Mill River Professional Center - One Washington Street
Taunton, MA 02780
(508) 823-5400
CRS provides a continuum of services to DMH–eligible clients. Services include general support, rehabilitation, medication assistance and a fund for contingency expenses.

Website: www.comcounseling.org

Community Care Services, Inc. (Community Rehabilitation Support Services)
140 Park Street
Attleboro , MA 02703

(508) 226-2710 
CRS provides a continuum of services to DMH-eligible clients. Services include general support, rehabilitation, medication assistance and a fund for contingency expenses.

Website: www.communitycareservices.org


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Agape Inn

Short-and-long-term respite program for children with special needs. Center-based day program on Saturday and school vacations. Also provides an evening program for persons 17 and older.

217 Plymouth Street
Holbrook, MA. 02343
Telephone: (781) 767-4358
FAX: (781) 767-5683
Website: www.agapeinn.org


Kennedy Donovan Center

Offers a wide range of support, assistance for families through education, advocacy, and flexible services, and respite options for children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

1 Commercial Street
Foxboro, MA 02035
Telephone: (508) 543-2542
TTY: (508) 698-3926            FAX: (508) 543-9488
Email: kdcinfo@kdc.org
Website: www.kdc.org

United Way of Greater Fall River

80 North Main Street
Fall River, MA 02720
Telephone: (508) 678-8361                                                    FAX: (508) 678-3947
Website: www.uwgfr.org

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Attention Deficit Information Network of Plymouth

Informational workshops on ADD/ADHD related topics several times each year.  

42 Talia Way
Plymouth, MA 02360


Families for Depression Awareness

Help families reorganize and cope with depressive disorders. The organization provides education, outreach, and advocacy to support families.

395 Totten Pond Rd, Suite 404
Waltham, MA 02451
Telephone: (781) 890-0220
FAX: (781) 890-2411
Website: www.familyaware.org

Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health

Provides information, support, and referrals through federation chapters throughout the country. The national-run federation focuses on the needs of children with broad mental health problems

9605 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Telephone: (240) 403-1901
FAX: (240) 403-1909
Website: www.ffcmh.org
Email: ffcmh@ffcmh.org
Local Chapter Website: www.ppal.net                                            

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Parent Information Network Support Group Schedule

Go To:   Contact Us - Parent Information Support Group Schedule

NAMI Massachusetts Support Groups


Other Support Groups in Massachusetts


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Easter Seals of Massachusetts

Provides a variety of programs and services for children and adults with disabilities or special needs, including assistive technology, job training and employment, rehabilitation and therapy services, camps, and recreational programs, resource information, and Massachusetts Assistive Technology Loan Program.

89 South Street, 1st floor
Boston, MA 02111
Telephone: (617) 226-2640
FAX: (617) 737-9875
Email: info@eastersealsma.org
Website: www.ma.easterseals.com


Massachusetts Advocates Standing Strong

A self-advocacy organization to ensure that people with cognitive and developmental disabilities are treated equally. Empower self-advocates through education.

PO Box 6025
North Plymouth, MA 02362
Telephone: (866) 426-2253
FAX: (781) 747-1744
Email: mass1998@earthlink.net
Website: www.massadvocatesstandingstrong.org

Murphy and Others, Living independently for Future Endeavors

Provides support through supported employment, independent living, educational opportunities, and community and social connections.

43 Daniel Street
Fairhaven, MA
Telephone: (508) 992-5978
Fax: (508) 999-7188
Website: www.molifeinc.com

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Adaptive Driving Program Inc.

Free phone consultation, advocacy, comprehensive evaluation, and driver training program for persons with special needs.

250 Milton Street #LL002
Dedham, MA 02026-2904
Telephone: (508) 626-6568
FAX: (781) 329-6390
Email: mw4adp@aol.com                                                     Website: www.adaptivedrivingprogram.com

Statewide Access Pass: MBTA

Persons with disabilities are eligible for half-fare bus and train passes. For information contact your local transit authority.          Website for Reduced Fare Program: www.mbta.com

www.srtabus.com - Serves New Bedford and Fall River
www.gatra.org - Serves Plymouth, Taunton, and Attleboro
www.ridebat.com - Serves Brockton
www.capecodtransit.org - Serves the Cape

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